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An eyesore that is Dagodnagbe Primary Healthcare Centre

It is immunization day at Dagodnagbe PHC in Jadna Ward, a rural agrarian community in Paikoro Local Government Area of Niger State. Amina Yau is one of the women bringing their children to be immunized. However, like other women, Yau is not happy with the condition of the Primary Heathcare Centre (PHC). ‘’There is no good toilet, all the windows are broken’’, she said, adding that if her child should fall ill, he cannot be admitted at the PHC due to a lack of equipment. She further complained that the PHC is always dirty as it is not always cleaned up, further endangering the health of patients and health workers.

Hadiza Hussaini is the facility incharge of Dagodnagbe PHC. Corroborating Yau, she said that the facility lacks beds, functional wards and labour rooms, no water and electricity. ‘’We cannot admit more than one patient at a time except if we ask the patient to come with a mat from home. We only have one bed, and it is in a bad condition itself’’. Hussaini adds that the PHC does not have any staff for cleaning it, and the few health workers take time in cleaning when there are a smaller number of patients. Additionally, she said the entire structure of the PHC is in bad condition, with broken walls and leaking roof.

The condition of Dagodnagbe PHC is a terrible one and jeopardizes the delivery and uptake of healthcare services in the community. Paikoro LGA and Niger State Government should do a complete overhaul of the facility and provide more health workers including a sanitation worker, equipment that would be used to treat patients as well as all the necessary drugs as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Essential medicines list. Only that will ensure the provision and uptake of standard healthcare services in the community.

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