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Essential Tools for Safe Childbirth Lacking at Ubandoma Primary Health Care Center

Ubandoma PHC is a Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Magajiya Ward of Kontagora Local Government Area. The facility provides immunisation, antenatal, and delivery services, not only to Ubandoma community, but also to neighbouring communities. As a result, the facility has become overburdened and can no longer provide adequate services to its growing number of patients.

The PHC, which was last refurbished in 2022, does not have a perimeter fence. But that is just one of its many issues. According to Ismail Abdullahi, a staff of the PHC who is in charge of the Ante Natal Clinic (ANC), the labour and delivery section is one of the critical areas of concern. “When a woman is brought here for delivery, we must start looking for a water vendor before attending to her,” he said. “This is because our borehole has stopped working.

Abdullahi added that due to the lack of essential tools in their laboratory and labour room and the small size of the labour room, they are unable to attend to more than one delivery at once despite the increasing number of women coming to the facility to give birth “There’s only one bed in the room,” he said, “so whenever we have two or more women for delivery, we must attend to only one at a time.

The Ubandoma PHC is overburdened. There are delays in providing attendance to women in labour, which poses a risk of fatal consequences for them. The people of Magajiya ward and the health workers in this facility are therefore calling on stakeholders to,

  1. Expand and fence the PHC.
  2. Equip the facility with essential tools for quality service delivery.
  3. Build a sustainable source of water supply within the facility.
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