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Madangen Clinic: A Perfect Picture of Health Inequity

Madangen is a mainly agrarian community under Tungan Wawa ward in Kontagora Local Government Area (LGA) of Niger State. The community members are unable to readily access quality health care as the only health clinic is in a bad state of disrepair and has been so for over five years, said Yunusa Imam, a health worker. Community members have repeatedly complained about the condition of the clinic to the Kontagora LGA, but nothing has been done about it.

According to Imam, the challenges at the clinic were so overwhelming, him and his colleagues had to abandon it. “It is inhabitable. Everything is broken. After our complaints were ignored, we sought permission from the director of health of the LGA to move to the staff quarters, which are also in a bad shape, to be able to provide services,’’ he said.

Although they have moved location, the challenges remain, as the facility still has neither essential drugs nor equipment. “We don’t have delivery equipment. We don’t even have a labor room talk less of the equipment. Our patients must buy drugs from nearby towns because we are always having stockout,” Imam added.  

Madangen community members are facing the harsh reality of health inequity. They sometimes must travel 30 to 40 kilometers to access healthcare. A pregnant woman in labour is at risk of complications or even death, so also a child suffering from malaria or any other childhood disease.

For Madangen community members to access quality healthcare in dignity, they are asking for the following;

  1. Complete reconstruction of Madangen Clinic
  2. Equip the clinic with all necessary equipment
  3. Rebuild the clinic staff quarters
  4. Keep the clinic stocked with essential drugs
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