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We have previously blogged on the absence of any publicly available depository of reports relating to health and health care in Nigeria. We know of NO library where these reports are collected, indexed and made available.

So the blind lead the blind and we keep re-inventing the wheel….

SO….we will regularly seek out these reports and put them up for you. Maybe there is something in them you are not supposed to hear!

HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Law
by Olaide A. Gbadamosi Esq
Network for Justice and Democracy (NJD), 2005; ISBN 978-36965-1-3

This book is written to educate people by providing knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and increase awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic; change attitudes and adopt behaviours to reduce the risk of HIV infection. The book can serve as a valuable reference text to health care providers, general public, legal practitioners and those interested in researches and advocacy in the area of HIV/AIDS and human rights.

2007 Global TB Report Card for 22 TB High Burden Countries
The 2007 report card looks at the 22 countries which are home to over 80% of the world’s TB cases, and shows the 15% increase since 2002 that they have made in curing infectious TB cases. It also juxtaposes the proportion of TB patients being cured with DOTS based services, with the proportion of patients in these same DOTS programs who have not completed their re-treatment because of defaulting and treatment failure.

Our beloved country is 2nd only to Russia FAILING to control TB worldwide…

IPPF Nigeria – HIV Prevention Report Card

“…It is the males that have the power to dictate what happens in relationships”

“… 48% of girls in the Northwest marry by 15 years. Also, in the country as a whole, 27% of married 15-19 year old females are in polygamous relationships.”

“…The number of sites offering antiretroviral treatment is increasing, with at least 74 centres established.”

Global Fund Grants for Malaria: Summary of Lessons Learned in the Implementation of ACT Policies in Ghana, Nigeria, and Guinea- Bissau

Grant agreements in Nigeria for rounds 2 and 4 were signed within two months of each other….
the procurement process in Nigeria took over one year. The first consignment of ACTs arrived between 15–17 months after the grant agreement was signed and eight months after placing the order.

…if you find any reports on health in Nigeria out there….share your link!

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