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Privacy Policy

Nigeria Health Watch strives for transparency and trust when it comes to protecting your privacy and we aim to clearly explain how we process your information. It’s important to us that you should enjoy accessing the content on the Nigeria Health Watch website without compromising your privacy in any way. This policy outlines how we use different types of personal information, and the reasons for doing so. You have the right to access, change or delete your personal information at any time.

Our policies will be updated from time-to-time. Please refer back regularly to keep yourself updated. This policy applies to “users” who receive Nigeria Health Watch content; that is anyone registering or interacting with any of our content or services. This includes event attendees, subscribers.

Collection and use of your information

The information you provide us, helps us to deliver more relevant content as well as create a more seamless experience when you access our content. We collect and store information about you when you subscribe in order to deliver content to you (such as your subscription, or to let you know about any events we may organise). We do not share your information with anyone, and only for third party suppliers who want to understand your experience. We also collect information from you if you have attended any of our events, and provide your consent.

Information we collect

Information you provide us which we need in order to provide you with our content

There is certain personal information that we need in order to provide the content and services that you have chosen. Examples of details we collect in order to for you to access our content include:

Information we do not track

We do not track or collect any sensitive information about you. This includes race, religion, ethnicity, and political opinion.

How we use your information

We primarily use your information for the purpose of delivering the content and services that you have chosen and to personalise our interactions with you. For further details about this, and other ways we may use your information, please read the sections below.

To provide content and services:

Other uses of your information

Social Media

Nigeria Health Watch publishes content on social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn through both “organic” and “paid” methods to reach current and potential readers:

How we use your details for audience profiling

To enable us to personalise the content you see, we may segment our subscription lists and send targeted content. This is to enable content and message personalisation, and to delivered to you or a group of users (an audience) with similar interests to you, relevant content. You can choose to opt out of receiving content if you wish.

How we work with third parties

As mentioned, we only disclose personal information to third parties when it is necessary for us to understand your experience and to help us improve your experience with us, or when we are required to do so by contract or law. “Third parties” include only contractor looking to understand your usage habits and to improve your current experience using the Nigeria Health Watch website.

Retaining and storing your information

Retention policy

We securely store your information, and hold it for as long as we need to in order provide our content and services to you in accordance with

We review our retention periods for personal information regularly. If you request for us to no longer contact you, we remove you from any future communications.

Keeping your information safe

We take information security seriously and have policies and procedures in place to ensure the information we hold on you remains safe. We limit who has access to your information and ensure that those who do are bound by contracts to keep your information availability restricted and safe.

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