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Ten Big Promises Made by the Nigerian Minister of Health

It is always welcome when leaders make clear and explicit promises in terms of what they seek to achieve during their tenure in office. Since his appointment as Minister of Health in November, Professor Isaac Adewole has not held back on the promises. In doing this, he has fulfilled his side of the bargain, setting out his agenda; now as citizens, we must fulfil ours by holding him and his administration accountable for delivery on these promises. To facilitate this important duty, our Nigeria Health Watch team has summarised the top ten promises.


  1.    DearPresidentGraphic3The promise to fulfil the President’s pre-election campaign commitments on health: “Buhari will fulfill pre-election, health promises” …made during a special church service and reception organised in his honour by the Osun State government.

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    The “change” promise: “Health minister promises change” …made when he assumed duty at the ministry’s headquarters in Abuja. See the Daily Trust article.

  3.    The mother-to-child transmission promise: “We will eliminate mother-to-child transmission (of HIV) in three years”made at the 10th year anniversary of Population Council International that held in Abuja on the 17th of March.
  4.    The eradication of Lassa Fever promise: “Lassa fever will soon become a thing of the past. It will become history in Nigeria. Ordinarily, Lassa fever will be eradicated from Nigeria in April…made to the Punch newspaper during a chat.
  5.    The ARV medication promise: “We will put 2.5 million Nigerians on ARVs in the next 3 years” …made during the Channels Sunrise Interview.


  6.     The North East primary healthcare centres (PHC) rehabilitation promise: “FG To Rehabilitate North East Health Facilitiesmade to the governor of Yobe State, during a tour of healthcare facilities in the four affected North-East states of Gombe, Borno, Adamawa and Yobe.

  1. The 90-day PHC a day promise: “We will deliver one new PHC a day delivering 101 PHCs in the 90 days from May 1”…
    made during an interview on Channels Sunrise show.
  2.    The 10,000 PHCs promise: “Federal government will build/renovate/revitalise 10,000 primary health facilities in the 774 local government areas across the country”…made at multiple occasions.

  3. The UHC for 100M Nigerians promise:“By making functional 10,000 PHCs by the end of 2017, we will be providing Universal health care to 100M Nigerians”.
    …made during an interview on Channels Sunrise show.


  4. The #OpenMoH promise: “We will be completely open and accountable with our funding for our PHCs plans and will put this on the Ministry of Health website”
    …made while addressing participants at the National Council of Health meeting in Sokoto.

Strong and independent citizens’ groups play an important role in ensuring that government, health care institutions, and health programs are held accountable to the communities they are designed to serve. We are lucky to live in times where we have a Minister courageous enough to make very specific promises on what he intends to achieve. We look forward to celebrating his achievements on our behalf.

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