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The Future of Health Conference 2017 is here!

How do the principles of running an effective business in today’s world translate into the way healthcare organisations are run? Can business principles be applied in the running of healthcare facilities?

Often, there is a sense that since doctors and other healthcare professionals are in the business of saving lives, they should not be too worried about the financial bottom line, about customer service, about using processes that bring cost-efficiencies.

However, for any organisation to not only survive but to thrive in what is now an extremely fast paced and competitive business environment, the application of solid business principles must not be overlooked. This is no different in the area of healthcare management, where increased demands and cost pressures mean that it cannot be business as usual.

Nigeria Health Watch will lead the conversation on how business and the principles of running an effective business affects the Nigerian health sector at its third annual Future of Health Conference, themed “The Business of Health.” The Future of Health Conference 2017 will take place on November 3, 2017, at the Sheraton Hotels, Abuja.

The Future of Health conference series has become the premier forum where the hopes and aspirations of Nigerians for their health sector are articulated. Annually, the conference brings together inspiring speakers that are responding to some of the toughest challenges facing the Nigerian health sector from the public and private sectors. Speakers reflect the breath of the sector and put forward ideas that are changing the health sector in Nigeria.

Our first conference in 2015 – “Defining the health sector of Nigeria’s dreams” led to robust dialogue among Nigerians on their expectations of the new government with regards to the health sector. Robert Yates famously pondered if the then new President may define his tenure by providing Universal Health Coverage.

A few comments from the social media conversation following the event:

“Will the poor in Nigeria receive full coverage of Health services by the states?”– Felix Abraham Obi
“Big well done and thank you to the team @nighealthwatchfor sparking great conversations. Many actions will no doubt result #Nghlth15″– Ikpeme Neto

The second conference in 2016 focused on the interface between health and technology, and was themed “Health meet Tech”. The event has subsequently spurned an active community within the tech and healthcare sector.

A few comments on #HealthMeetsTech

“I glimpsed the future of health in Nigeria at #NgHlth16. It could be amazing! Great minds, incredible vision yesterday. Let’s do it. Let’s roll.”– Toju Chike-Obi. MD
“Had an awesome time at the #FutureofHealthConference. Changing the face of health-care on the continent. Thank you #NgHlth16!”– Adaeze C. Oreh.
“Had an informative and wonderful day @ #FutureofHealthConference. Thank you #NgHlth16 for a well-executed 2nd edition! My mind is buzzing”– Uju Okonkwo.
“The event was a potent reminder that there is still a long way to go to connect everyone in the region to the services, health or otherwise, they need. There is a need for a lot more out-of-the-box thinking and cross-vertical collaboration.”– Emeka Afigbo

The Future of Health Conference in 2017 will explore the business of healthcare in Nigeria, looking at how it can drive some of the improvements that the healthcare sector desperately needs. As Nigerians are getting used to better services in other sectors, it is only a matter of time before they insist on the same from the healthcare sector. Can “Business” fill this gap and still provide a socially equitable service?

At this unique conference, we will hear about new thinking in the healthcare space from those in government, and from innovators and entrepreneurs who have developed new models that have brought efficiencies to the health care sector and found was to improve access to existing services.

On the 3rd of November 2017, the one-day conference in Abuja will bring together a curated audience of policy makers, Nigerian health sector professionals, civil society organisations, academic institutions and researchers, non-governmental organisations working in Nigeria, Nigerian bilateral and multi-lateral development partners, journalists covering health issues and people with a broad interest in health.

No other health-focused event in Nigeria has brought together such a dynamic mix of healthcare professionals from a wide cross-section of the healthcare industry – this event is not to be missed.

Registration for the Future of Health Conference 2017 is now open. For partnerships, send an email to For FHC2017 updates go to or follow the hashtag #BizofHealthNG

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