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Call for Freelance Writers: Torchlight Africa Series

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About Torchlight Africa

In 2018, Nigeria Health Watch launched its Solutions Journalism series, known as Torchlight Series. The series are articles that go beyond reports and analysis of topical health issues and challenges, seeking out stories that focus on responses and solutions to the many challenges the Nigerian health sector is facing. Expanding on this, Nigeria Health Watch is seeking to engage freelance journalists to write for her Torchlight Africa Series. The Torchlight Africa series is a collection of articles written as Solutions Journalism pieces across Africa. Usually 1000 words, each story should identify the problem statement and one or more solution strategies employed by individuals or organizations in addressing the problem.

Our focus areas:

Freelance writers will be required to identify and research on solutions stories around these areas:

  1. Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH)
  2. Routine Immunisation
  3. Nutrition
  4. Family Planning & Reproductive Health
  5. Primary Health Care
  6. Universal Health Coverage
  7. Infectious Diseases
  8. General Health

Story Pitch Template

Interested freelancers will be required to fill in a story pitch template providing further details on the story idea. Please see below a story pitch template which will be sent to our Editor via

  • From:

Your full name



Social media handle (please specify platform)

  • To:

Beti Baiye


Nigeria Health Watch

  • Date (Date of sending pitch)
  • Title: (Proposed title of your story)
  • Problem Statement (Give a brief on what issue your solutions piece is tied to (2-3 paragraphs)
  • Solution I want to Pursue
  • Who is solving the problem?
  • Research/Data Analysis into authenticity of solution (What research have you done on your proposed subject? What further research/ data analysis are you proposing for the story? 2 paragraphs.)
  • Location (Where is the solutions idea?)
  • Limitations (What are some of the limitations of the solution you are pursuing?)
  • Timeline (How long approximately will it take to fully develop your story?)
  • Field Research Details:
  • Planned locations you want to visit for your investigation with rationale for selecting these locations. This will also include the people you plan to interact with and interview at these locations and facts you plan to gather from these locations.
  • Date of Story Submission (State the proposed date the story will be submitted for publication)

For further inquiries, please send an email to

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