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Impact Africa Summit Inaugural Edition convenes Research & Healthcare Experts

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Celebrating Innovation in research, pharmaceuticals and healthcare

Xcene Research, a pioneer in the African Contract Research Organization, is set to host thought leaders and industry experts in the research, pharmaceuticals & healthcare industry at the inaugural edition of the Impact Africa Summit (IAS) and industry awards night holding at Radisson Blu Hotel Ikeja on Friday, December 4, 2020. The aim of this edition is to celebrate individuals whose commitment has led to outstanding impact in research and development, in reforming Africa’s healthcare system.

The 2020 inaugural edition is a prelude to the Impact Africa Summit for 2021 which would be the biggest Pharmaceutical R&D and Clinical Trials Summit in Africa with the aim of building a network of industry experts to help Africa achieve sustainable capacity in pharmaceutical research and development. The IAS will be an annual summit to be hosted in different countries within Sub-Saharan Africa with the first summit scheduled to hold in Nigeria.

This edition would attract research and healthcare stakeholders across Africa, including clinical research organizations, biopharma, regulatory bodies, patient advocacy groups, heads of academic institutions, health tech innovators, investors, and government. It aims to beam a light on key issues and trends surrounding pharmaceutical research & development, the urgent need for innovation in the healthcare industry, regional considerations affecting clinical research, and the level of preparedness in Sub-Saharan Africa post Covid-19. Highlight of the night would be the presentation of awards to International and Regional industry players, researchers, and innovators for their outstanding impact on research and development in reforming Africa’s healthcare. A portal on the website has been developed to selecting and voting outstanding personalities who have made impact in the healthcare sector.

In a recent chat with Adebukunola Telufusi, the Executive Director, Xcene Research, she stated that, “Africa is under-represented in research, yet this population stands to gain more from research in these settings as the burden on health is greater in Africa. Conducting clinical trials in Sub-Saharan Africa often presents significant ethical, organizational, cultural and infrastructural challenges to researchers, pharmaceutical companies, sponsors and regulatory bodies. This inaugural edition would set the pace for information exchange and collaboration with global experts and key stakeholders across West Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa” she continued.”

Xcene research has seen the need to bring together stakeholders in the pharmaceutical R&D space to consolidate the gains that can be harnessed when we all come together, and also to facilitate a global networking platform for the growth of the industry. In our experience managing various clinical trials in the continent over the last 5 years, the gaps we have identified can only be addressed when we come together. Xcene research is committed to innovation and positive change for the industry.

To learn more about Xcene services, please visit our website at or contact us via email at

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