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#Innovate4HealthNaija: The Future of Health Conference 2020 is here!!!

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After five years of delivering highly recognised health conferences focused on generating solutions aimed at improving healthcare access for every Nigerian, the 2020 Future of Health Conference will take place on Thursday, 3rd December 2020. The conference is themed “Innovation: Improving health and scaling up healthcare access.”

Innovations in healthcare are important for every part of the healthcare ecosystem, and creating maximum impact will require coordinated effort and collaboration across the various stakeholders. This exchange of information and ideas will create an environment of knowledge sharing, so investments or structures created to improve healthcare can be leveraged on to improve other areas of healthcare.

At the Future of Health Conference 2020, innovative approaches to Nigeria’s healthcare will be amplified, and we will examine innovations in healthcare that meet the unique needs of patients in Nigeria, exploring a wide range of solutions and innovations in three critical areas, that can transform health services, products and service delivery to all patients.

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For the conference, innovations working to improve healthcare access in maternal health, epidemic preparedness and primary healthcare will be explored with the ultimate goal of accessing how Nigeria can strengthen health service delivery in these frontiers during and after the pandemic.

The first panel session on Innovations in Maternal Healthcare will offer attendees the opportunity to connect with maternal healthcare innovators and learn first-hand about leading healthcare innovations in this space. Speakers will also share insights about the challenges and opportunities scaling up global healthcare innovations.

Image credit: Nigeria Health Watch

Saving lives during an epidemic requires the rapid deployment and agile coordination of a wide range of innovations. Speakers at the Innovations in Epidemic Preparedness will highlight current innovations around the world that are strengthening health security as well as existing gaps and challenges.

Currently, there are quite a number of initiatives in the public, private not-for-profit, and private sectors aimed at improving primary health care. Some of these innovations ensure that healthcare services are accessible and available to individuals at a cost that they can afford. The session on Innovations in Primary Health Care will present an opportunity to showcase some of these innovations as well as highlight innovations that are needed to improve health outcomes.

Image credit: Nigeria Health Watch

The Future of Health Conference 2020 will be delivered via a webinar format with panel sessions each preceded by short presentations on sub-themes from speakers. They will share compelling stories and experiences on how innovations in healthcare can drive improvements in patient care and the avenues that have been taken to deliver quality care to patients, enabled by innovation.


For more information about the conference, please visit

Got questions or enquiries? Please send an email to

We can’t wait to have you at the Future of Health Conference 2020! It’s time to #Innoate4HealthNaija!

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