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My school, my heritage, my shame…

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When we started this blog…we promised ourselves that we would stick to health issues. Irrespective of our several hopes, dreams and frustrations of being Nigerian, we would stick to the one issue we feel have earned the right to share our views on…health.

Today, Ill break that rule…somewhat. I justify it thus…Education is one of the key determinants of health. Therefore today, Ill share a personal story of my education.

I have always felt that my most formative years were the 6 years I spent as a boarder in Peace House, Federal Government College, Enugu, Nigeria. I still remember the very first day my mother dropped me in schoolGod did I cry. But in the end…the school, its teachers, my classmates, my dorm mates made me and us what we are. It shaped our politics, kindled our interests, aroused our intellect, and developed our emotions. We played football, argued football, tried to impress the ladies, claimed conquests, jumped fence, hated school food, envied day students…and waited for visiting days.

From the Principal Mr Joe Adigwe, to all the teachers, the nurse in the sick bay, the warden we hated, the gatemen that would not let us out….the cooks! Those guys made us. They really did…We owe them…big time!

We knew neither race nor colour. Taofik was my class prefect…when Musa Sale sat next to me. My man Gbenga…or corner mate Mbang. My nemesis Dykes…
Our lingua was English at day….and “Pigeeon”….from “school over”…

God…did we have a great time or what?

This was the Nigeria of my dreams. We lived the dream. We were the dream…

Then it all fell apart. Silently through the Abacha years….in our sleep…Our heritage disappeared. Two years ago, erstwhile Minister of Education woke us up to the reality of what our Federal Schools had turned into. She suggested solutions. Public private partnerships, the banks should adopt schools…etc.

There was fire and brimstone! The papers went awry…

Crucify her…crucify her…the people shouted.

We would not have it…we will not loose our Federal Schools…sadly sadly…the schools were long lost.

In came Mr Aja Nwachukwu, and in the true fashion of our present Government responded to the public outcry and chose not to rock the boat. He reversed Ezekwesili’s initiatives and returned to status quo ante. The Federal Schools will remain under the management of the Federal Ministry of Education…

In July 2008 I visited my school. School had just closed for the summer holidays the week before. My set…the set of ‘89 has a vibrant egroup. Next year we plan to celebrate 20 years of entering “Federal” …20 years! How much the world has moved in 20 years. We have been discussing what to do? Party? Visit the school? Fund a project in the School? We are full of ideas….

I have kept quiet.

This is the reason…

This is my school …20 years after….

Share my tears…

The entrance…as it was…as it is….

empty words…

my class windows..
…and from the rear
my source of drinking water, old on the floor, new standing proud
S.U.Beee….for 10.45
hold your breath…
No need for NEPA

new IT center from the outside
from the insideFor the days students….
the corridors….
Air conditioning 🙂
light….:) 🙂
Our black board
in “storage”
Our dorm
JSS block…
in all its beauty…
assembly hall…
…and from the outside
the new CHURCH! YEAH…something new!

…are you thinking what I am thinking?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has…Margaret Mead

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