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Nigeria Health Watch Partners with Niger State Health Ministries to Tackle Health Misinformation

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Nigeria Health Watch, in partnership with the Niger State Ministry of Secondary and Tertiary Health and the Niger State Ministry of Primary Health, commences Health Misinformation Management Fellowship in Niger state. This initiative is focused on countering health misinformation and promoting the dissemination of accurate health information within the state.

In recent years, health misinformation has emerged as a significant challenge, undermining public health efforts, and potentially putting lives at risk. False or misleading health information can lead to misguided decisions, vaccine hesitancy, and a lack of trust in healthcare systems. Recognising the urgency of addressing this issue, Nigeria Health Watch, a leading health advocacy and communication organisation in Nigeria, is joining forces with the Niger State Ministry of Secondary and Tertiary Health and the Niger State Ministry of Primary Health to combat health misinformation at its root.

Nigeria Health Watch, in partnership with the Niger State Ministry of Secondary and Tertiary Health and the Niger State Ministry of Primary Health, is thrilled to launch the Health Misinformation Management Fellowship. This fellowship program is designed to combat health misinformation and foster the dissemination of reliable health information throughout the state. It signifies a significant step towards ensuring that the public has access to accurate and trustworthy health information, ultimately contributing to better health outcomes in Niger State.

The Health Misinformation Management Fellowship aims to build a network of informed stakeholders who will play a pivotal role to address health misinformation and contribute to improved public health interventions in Niger State. This collaborative effort reflects a commitment to empowering stakeholders within communities.

Dr. Bello Tukur, Commissioner for Secondary and Tertiary Health, Niger State, affirmed, “We are enthusiastic about this collaboration and its potential impact on our communities. Combating health misinformation is imperative for effective public health interventions.”

Dr. Ibrahim Dangana, Commissioner for Primary Health, Niger State, emphasised, “We extend our gratitude to Nigeria Health Watch for their dedication to this vital cause. Together, we will work tirelessly to ensure Niger State residents receive accurate and trustworthy health information.”

Health misinformation poses a grave threat to public health. It can lead to the spread of myths, rumours, and false information, which in turn can erode trust in healthcare providers and delay critical health interventions such as immunisation. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to counter misinformation, this fellowship serves as a vital step towards protecting the health and well-being of Niger State residents. Through this fellowship, we aim to ensure that accurate health information reaches every corner of the communities, promoting informed decision-making and ultimately saving lives.

Contact Person: Asari Ndem

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About Nigeria Health Watch:

Nigeria Health Watch is a not-for-profit health communication and advocacy organisation that seeks to advocate for the health of Nigerians, engage and support the government and other partners in formulating and implementing positive and effective health policies, and hold duty-bearers accountable for delivering affordable and quality healthcare to Nigerians. The unique capacity of Nigeria Health Watch lies in its communications expertise which enables the organisation to provide solutions for evidence-based communications and advocacy in the health sector.

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