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Nigeria – well represented at the 66th World Health Assembly

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This year, as in most years, we are well represented at the 66th World Health Assembly currently going on in Geneva, with a small delegation of 47 official delegates (listed below). On the opening day, our Minister of Health has assured the world that we will eradicate polio – no shaking. We wish them a lot of fruitful deliberation on our behalf! Aluta continua….
Chief delegate – Chef de délégation
Professor C.O. Chukwu
Minister of Health
Deputy chief delegate – Chef adjoint de la délégation
Dr M. A. Pate
Minister of State for Health
Delegate(s) – Délégué(s)
Mrs F.B.A. Bamidele
Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Health
Alternate(s) – Suppléant(s)
Dr U.H. Orjiako
Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Geneva
Dr P. Gbeneol
Mr I.A. Okowa
Chairman, Senate Committee on Health
Ms M.C. Okadigbo 
Deputy Chairman, Senate Committee on Health
Mr G. M. Guma
Chairman, House Committee on Health
Mr G.N. Elumelu
Chairman, House Committee on Health
Dr K. Ohiri
Dr O. Idris
Commissioner for Health, Kogi State
Dr B. Okoeguale
Head, Department of Public Health, Federal Ministry of Health

Dr B. Wapada
Head, Department of Family Health, Federal Ministry of Health
Mrs M. Okpeseyi
Head, Food and Drug Services
Mrs A. B. Ogu
Director, Health Planning, Research and Services
Dr P. Orhii
Director-General, NAFDAC
Professor K.S. Gamaniel
Director-General, NIPRID
Dr A. Mohammed
Executive Director, NPHCDA
Dr A. Sambo
Executive Secretary, NHIS
Dr A. Usoro
Head, NCD
Dr N. Ezeigwe
National Coordinator, National Malarial Control Programme
Dr E.A. Abanida
Director, NPHCDA
-31-Dr M.J. Abdullahi 
Director, NPHCDA
Dr H.U. Yusuf
Director, NAFDAC
Dr K.K. Nzinongo
Dr. N.R.C. Azodoh
Dr A. Oyemakinde
Chief Consultant Epidemiologist, NCDC
Mrs R. Kuje
DD/MultilateraL/ D.O
Dr I. Okoh
Dr I. Kana
Dr C. Elenwune
Senior Medical Officer
Mr A. Yakubu
Principal Health Officer 
Mr U.B. Aduagba
Senior Health Research Officer
Mr G.O. Asaolu
Minister, Permanent Mission, Geneva
Mrs I. Chibogu
Director, Legal
Dr I. Anabogu
Mr A. Abdulsalam
Mr G. Pwajok
Mrs M. Okodugha
Director, Nursing Services
Dr B.S.F. Akpan
Adviser(s) – Conseiller(s)
Mr I. Yusuf
Deputy Director, Press
Mr N.D. Osondu
Mr S. Mohammed
Mrs A. R. Abdullahi 
Mr C. Muanya
Mrs A. Angbazo
Mrs M. Aneke

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has…Margaret Mead

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