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Powering My Health My Way: CHI Limited Set To Celebrate Third Annual Chivita World Juice Day

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In recent times, health & well-being have emerged as a key focus for consumers, and more importantly in the COVID-19 era, emphasis has shifted to adjusting to the new normal. This has meant adapting and taking control by embracing proactive health and wellness routines.

It is in this circumstance that Chivita World Juice Day 2021 is taking place. This year’s edition, which is the third in the series will hold on October 17th, 2021, and highlight the increasing need for consumers to take practical steps to be in control of their well-being.

This year, the theme for Chivita World Juice Day is “Fruit Juice: Powering My Health My Way”Consumers are encouraged to step forward and be involved in taking steps in lifestyle modifications, self-awareness and choosing to consume food and drinks that enhance daily nutrition by actively including fruit juices to boost their health & well-being, but most importantly, achieving this on their own terms.

The conference will be a hybrid of Physical and Virtual event of Presentations and Panelist discussions with respected nutritionists & health experts sharing insights on the benefits of including fruit juices in your daily health routine.  It will also feature engaging sessions with tips, ideas and new exciting recipes of smoothies, mocktails, mixes, and blends with Chivita brands through videos, thereby making these contents sharable.

CHI Limited Marketing Director, Mrs. Toyin Nnodi, stated that this year’s Chivita World Juice Day event challenges consumers to take control of their health and wellness by deliberately making fruit juices a part of their daily health routine.

“Through this year’s Chivita World Juice Day celebrations, we are providing a platform of information for discerning consumers to create and enjoy on their own terms with fruit juice mixtures, fruit juice mocktails, fruit juice smoothies, or just straight-up consumption of Chivita Juices for daily health and wellness,” she said.

The Annual Chivita World Juice Day is a public interest initiative undertaken by CHI Limited, makers of the Chivita brand of fruit juices, to deepen conversations on the consumption of fruit juices, and thus enabling healthy living and happier lives for all Nigerians.

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