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Random health stories out of Nigeria

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Thisday – Police Expel 26 Recruits with HIV/AIDS…Despite all the good work done by NACA,…all the advocacy by JAAIDS as well as ll the several other NGOs working in the HIV/AIDS arena…we still get stories like this…

Guardian – Expulsion Of HIV-positive Recruits From Police College Irks Activists :…but at least it has immediately drawn a strong response….“THE recent expulsion, by the police authorities, of 26 police recruits for testing positive to HIV/AIDS, had drawn the ire of human rights activists who described the act “as discriminatory and unlawful.”

Leadership – Unsafe Blood in Circulation…and the solution being profferred is for legislation, compelling all the hospitals to source their blood needs from the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS).

Sun – Gov Orji sets Aba free – Rids the city of waste…following our blog about how bad our environment is…it is good to read about more governors doing something about it. However “The Sun…reporting about Abia is always suspect as the paper is believed to be owned by Orji Uzor Kalu, ex governor of Abia State and “political god-father” of the present governor.

The following 2 stories need to be read to be understood…as what to believe depends on who you trust. The Nigerian Customs…or a Nigerian doctor based in the United Kingdom.

Thisday – Nigeria: Customs Impound Container Load of Expired

Thisday – Expired Drugs: Doctor Claims Ownership of Container

Thisday – Measles Outbreak Kills 7 in Sokoto…The measles outbreak that we have blogged on here, here and here…now in Sokoto. . We have to understand the inherent transmissibility of this disease and come to the conclusion that unfortunately we cannot solve this by our usual fire brigade approach. Until we have a strong routine vaccination programme for new borns on an on-going basis (as babies (new susceptibles)) are born all year round…, unfortunately children will continue to die from measles.

Vanguard – Cholera epidemic hits DeltaDelta state….is by many estimates the richest state in the country. It calls itself “The BIG Heart“.

The cause of cholera outbreaks is not rocket science….its all about clean drinking water! That “simple”

Vanguard – Park operators protest ban on sale of alcohol. Have you ever wondered how much alcohol the driver of the bus you have just boarded had in the motor park? Well….yes…me too! Guess who is complaining…yes you guessed right…the OPERATORS of parks…

E go better…

Have a good weekend!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has…Margaret Mead

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