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Stories from the ANPA convention in Abuja…

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You might have heard that the ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN PHYSICIANS IN THE AMERICAS (ANPA) held its annual conference for the first time ever in Abuja Nigeria, this year. This was done in collaboration with the MEDICAL ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIAN SPECIALISTS AND GENERAL PRACTITIONERS (MANSAG) in the UK and the NIGERIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.

The symbolism of this is huge. DESPITE our government’s perennial inability to figure out how to tap into one of its biggest resources – the human capital outside the country, Nigerians continue to insist on contributing to the development of their country. As we were not able to attend this conference ourselves – we will bring you a collection of accounts from various aspects and various points of view from this conference. In all these reports – you will find a common theme. You will read from, and about Nigerians that have chosen not to sit back and focus on their private lives, raising their children, playing golf and arguing about football. You will read about Nigerians that continue to give up their spare time and resources seeking ways to contribute…not because of their government’s invitation but despite their government’s indifference.

This is one account – on an issue we rarely consider in health care – management.

by Enoma Alade

The health care situation in Nigeria is recognized by many as facing challenging times. By many indicators e.g. immunization, mortality rates, it is actually worse today than it was in the 1980s. Several diaspora physicians have recently responded to the call to help improve the health care system by building new hospitals – several of which have been commented on in earlier blogs. However, for every successful diaspora health venture (we applaud Dr Johnson’s recent successes on the cardiac front), there are quite a few unsuccessful ventures which have resulted in a waste of resources.  

At the recently held Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) Annual convention in Abuja; Anadach Consulting Group organized a workshop that addressed Key Drivers and Challenges to consider in setting up a successful healthcare business in Nigeria and other emerging markets.  The panelists included physician management, legal and business experts from Nigeria and the US. Physicians and other medical professionals tend to focus on the clinical perspective and often underrate the managerial or administrative challenges required in ensuring a sustainable operational service is in place. It is refreshing to see that ANPA decided to address these perspectives at its first convention in Nigeria. 

Further information on the workshop and the presentations are available on here

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