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The Embassy of Spain in Nigeria collaborates with Nigeria Health Watch to Host a seminar on STEM to improve Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria

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Women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare. Their contributions drive innovation, research, and breakthroughs, leading to improved diagnostics, treatments, and technologies resulting in more inclusive and effective healthcare solutions. However, women represent only 34% of the STEM workforce, highlighting the need for increased gender diversity in science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

The Embassy of Spain in Nigeria in partnership with Nigeria Health Watch is organising a one-day seminar as part of the Embassy’s scientific diplomacy program, to bring together outstanding women from Nigeria and Spain to share with a knowledgeable audience their findings in research programs, their expectations on future projects, and what transformational actions can be implemented to better the health of Nigerians.

The theme of the seminar Women for Health: Towards the Future of Healthcare in Nigeria through Women in STEM” aims to drive collaboration between women in STEM in Nigeria and Spain toward better health outcomes for Nigerians. The event aims to engage and empower women actively involved in the healthcare sector, offering them a platform to share their insights, experiences, and expertise.

Speaking of this new area of public diplomacy action for the Spanish Embassy in Abuja, the Ambassador of Spain to Nigeria, Juan Sell, highlights “that Spain is at the forefront of the countries promoting Women in STEM. Public institutions like the Observatory for Women, Science and Innovation, as well as Foundations like Women for Africa (which is participating in this program and many others in Nigeria), are stepping up to bring women’s talent to the scientific arena. And when the Embassy reflected on which area would most benefit from a scientific seminar led by women, we couldn’t help thinking of the healthcare sector, where their contributions are immediately palpable to every citizen”.

Encouraging and empowering women in STEM is essential for shaping a future where healthcare is both accessible and equitable. Hence the seminar will foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among critical stakeholders to improve the health sector in Nigeria. With a focus on STEM, the event will bring together critical stakeholders, experts, and policymakers to deliberate on strategies and actionable steps for enhancing STEM collaboration for effective health service delivery.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Patricia Lanzaco Gomez

First Secretary

Embassy of Spain in Abuja

About Nigeria Health Watch

Nigeria Health Watch is a not-for-profit health communications and advocacy organisation that seeks to advocate for better health for Nigerians. We have worked to actively engage and support the government in raising awareness and increasing knowledge on a wide range of health issues in Nigeria. We aim to hold duty bearers accountable for delivering affordable and quality healthcare to Nigerians. The unique capacity of Nigeria Health Watch lies in the combination of its communication and health expertise, which enables the organisation to provide solutions for evidence-based communications and advocacy in the health sector. 

Since inception, Nigeria Health Watch has provided informed commentary and in-depth analysis of health issues, aimed at advocating for better health for Nigerians, as well as meeting the health information needs of patients and health professionals. Nigeria Health Watch’s advocacy efforts are evidence-driven, and the organisation has conducted research and surveys, which have been used to inform advocacy efforts in the Nigerian health sector. 

Our communications and advocacy work utilises social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), multimedia (infographics, animations, doodles, explainer videos), and production of advocacy videos (Vox pops, interviews) as tools of dissemination. We also engage in media engagement, community engagement and outreach, public awareness campaigns, and the production of information, education, and communication (IEC) materials. 

About the Embassy of Spain

The Embassy of Spain in Abuja aims at increasing and reinforcing the relations between Spain and Nigeria in the most diverse fields and through the ever-growing contacts among all actors involved in their respective societies. Authorities and institutions, the public and the private sectors, NGOs, international organizations and diplomatic missions accredited to both countries, associations and individuals in both countries are all responsible for making that relationship a fruitful and ambitious one, going further than the classic diplomatic, political and economic ties countries entertain, for the benefit of the peoples of each country.

That is certainly the case of the so-called soft power areas of this relationship, such as culture, education or science. Since both countries hold an important amount of that power, public diplomacy remains the most adequate tool to deploy them to their full extent in that purpose. The Embassy constantly looks for

avenues of collaboration in those areas, and has therefore developed a consistent cultural program in which each actor counts. Just as the Embassy has deployed a cultural program, it now has the firm will of setting up a scientific diplomacy program, where our scientists can meet and exchange knowledge and experiences, and in which the mainstreaming of gender issues and balance is also enhanced.

A sector like healthcare and the scientists that develop the necessary innovations to better the health of people and the healthcare system as a whole, can perfectly be fostered by the exchange of experiences, research and technology, and the Embassy wants to be part of that joint effort from our scientists and wishes to become a facilitator of those mutually beneficial relations. Through the work women from both Nigeria and Spain do in STEM, health can be improved in Nigeria and Spain can learn from the experiences which faces similar and also very different health challenges. The Embassy wants to partner with relevant stakeholders like Nigeria Health Watch to promote women in STEM in the health sector.

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