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0800 800 2000: She Writes Woman Mental Health Initiative launches TOLL-FREE mental health helpline

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In light of increased emotional and psychological distress brought about my COVID-19, the ensuing lockdown and the broader socioeconomic consequences, leading organisation that gives mental health a voice in Nigeria, She Writes Woman, launches toll-free helpline.

“The helpline couldn’t have come at a better time,” founder, Hauwa Ojeifo, said about the launch. “Nigerians are going through a collective trauma due to the #EndSARS protests and the resulting genocide waged by the government. Taking care of our mental health, now more than ever, is an act of resistance.”

The toll-free number is an easy-to-remember number that ensures that the caller need not have call credit or airtime to access quality mental health support. 0800 800 2000 is picked by trained and licensed counselors who deliver on-the-spot counseling to calls at no cost to the caller.

While making this known to all Nigerian, the Communications Team shared some handy coping techniques to deal with anxiety, shock and grief.

Take a break off the internet, it’s okay. Logging off from all sites helps reduce depressive thoughts about current events. Shield yourself from triggering narratives and images.

You don’t have to engage anyone, you don’t have to say anything. Disengaging will ensure that conversations will not trigger you. It’s fine to want to be alone with your thoughts; solitude will help calm you down.

Whatever you’re feeling now, sad, angry or even exhausted, is completely valid. You are valid, your feelings are valid. Do not let anyone or anything tell you otherwise, know that you are human and your emotions are valid.

Do something that cheers you up. It may seem selfish but you need to take care of your feelings. Take a short walk, listen to some melancholic songs, have a glass of wine but try something that cheers you up.

Speaking to a mental health professional can help you navigate your feelings and thoughts at this time. Call our toll free line at She Writes Woman, 0800 800 2000. We are always available; dial in and speak to us. Let’s get through this together!

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